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Your Estimate / Quotation is subject to the Terms and Conditions noted below:

Value Fencing uPVC /PVC / Vinyl / Plastic fence Products

Please allow an average of 2 to 3 weeks for delivery on reasonable sized orders. For larger, custom or special orders a longer period will be required for delivery. Such dates will be communicated with clients & may change due to stock availability, imports, weather & other factors.

Installation dates may vary from arranged dates due to the fact that installation is weather related & unforeseen factors may occur on previous / current sites. Value Fencing will not be liable for any claims arising from any such delays.

E-mailed pictures are suggestions only. Product & accessories may vary from depictions / photos. All extras / add-ons not on original Estimate are additional & will be billed for on final Invoice.

Quotes exclude gates & accessories unless stated on quotation.

Accessories excluded on driveway gates unless stated on your Quote / Estimate.

Quotations are valid for 7 days only.

All Quotations / Estimates are subject to final measurement & actual installed quantities.

Value Fencing reserves the right to revoke any Quotation in the unfortunate event of a mistake made on the document including, but not limited to incorrect line Items or Quantity or line items left out.

A Deposit of 50% of the Quote / Estimate value is to be made to start preparation of materials, with FULL Final payment of the full balance on receipt of Final Invoice.

All Discounts are Strictly Settlement Discounts and are Void if Full balance is not received within 7 (seven) days from Invoice date, regardless of any possible snags on site & will automatically be void by our accounting system and cannot be reversed.

Due to the extreme increases in materials & shipping we are experiencing, All Invoices Not Settled in full within 14 days of Invoice date will be void and Re-Invoiced at current prices.

All Repair jobs are payable up-front in full.

Value Fencing may, without prejudice, accept any amount of payment, signage hereof, official / verbal order, e-mail or sms of acceptance of your quotation and / or allowing Value Fencing employees on the premises to install items quoted, as acceptance of said Quotation / Estimate and our terms and conditions of sale.

The client is fully responsible for applying & obtaining all necessary permission, approval & plans for fence, screen, gates or balustrade to be erected from Municipalities, Body Corporate, Estate management or Governing Body applicable.

It is the client's responsibility that quoted work complies with any/all conditions of title laws, by-laws & local / Estate / Body Corporate regulations.

Post caps quoted are standard "flat" caps. If Gothic or New England caps are required, it has to be put in writing to Value Fencing on or before confirmation date and will be charged at an additional charge per cap, as these fancy caps are more expensive than the standard caps normally used.

Fence position, height, style and finishes will be done as discussed on site with Client.

It is the client's responsibility to ensure he/she fully understands what he/she is quoted for. No arguments will be entered into regarding any installation, not being what the client "imagined" it would be or look like or was not what he / she expected.

Please be 100% sure that you know what you are quoted for & that you are happy with the height, style, finishings & accessories as well as the means of installation before accepting our Quotation.

Any / all gaps / spaced between installed uprights & existing fencing / walls needing to be closed / filled should be requested in writing on confirmation & will be additional.

*Any changes / additional work / special requests in addition to the original quote and / or any specific installation method required, regulations, requirements, instructions (special or not) in this regard should be put to Value Fencing's attention, in writing on date of quote acceptance, otherwise Value Fencing staff will install as per normal. Such additional work, changes, additional materials, prepared materials, manufacturing, labor & transport costs &/or associated costs thereof will be in the client's account.

Some styles of fencing cannot be sloped to ground levels. These styles will be stepped to current ground / sub-surface's levels in custom sized / smaller sections resulting in additional posts, concrete, consumables & labor for clients' account.

It is standard installation practice to leave a gap of 4 to 5 cm under the bottom rail of all fencing and screening for numerous reasons such as, but not only: Stormwater and Edge trimmers etc.

On stepped sections the space will be left under all fences & may vary in size. Closing these gaps + additional materials are to be requested & communicated with Value Fencing in writing on confirmation & will be additional for clients' account.

Value Fencing & / or its installers will use their own discretion in deciding whether to step or slope fence sections unless requested in writing on confirmation, or as instructed by the Client or his / her representative on site.

Height quoted is the average height & may vary on sections stepped to sloped on uneven ground levels.

Fence tops on sloped sections will not be level unless requested for at confirmation with additional cost to Client for additional materials & labor required. PS: This is usually not a good option as fences then tend to end up extremely high at the lower end of the site.

Our Balustrade conforms to the SANS 10400d principal criteria for balustrade & railings as per National Building Regulation with slats spaced at maximum 100mm apart and being a minimum of 1m high from the floor to the top of the top rail. Where Balustrades are installed on a dwarf wall the same rule applies thus: The standard 1m high balustrade will be trimmed down at our workshops to the height being: 1000mm less the height of the dwarf wall installed on with the top rail being minimum 1m from the floor, unless ordered in writing prior to preparation of materials to do otherwise. EG: On 200mm dwarf wall: 200mm high wall + balustrade trimmed to 800mm = 1000mm high from floor).

Our fencing was not intended for retaining soil or any other material & should not be used as such. Such actions will deem our guarantee as null and void.

The client is to arrange full access to all areas required to work for installation, incl. restraining dogs /animals as well as arranging access codes for crew to Estate or Complex, as well as access to both sides of wall (Neighbour's side) if required, access to water & 220V AC power point, access to mixing area for concrete. Please inform Value Fencing prior to installation date if water / 220V AC is not available. In the case where 220V AC power is not arranged & Value Fencing use a genset for electric power: These unit's rental, fuel & transport costs will be for the client's account.

Any / all additional tools including Scaffolding, jackhammer's, generators required will be charged to client's account.

The client is to provide Value Fencing installation crew with toilet facilities to use if required.

Client to provide storage of materials on site & takes full responsibility for any / all materials brought on site, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Client is responsible to complete & prepare all sub-structures, ground works, levelling to desired levels, slopes & gradients, remove / clear any / all plants, trees or foliage in the fence line prior to staff arriving for installation. Value Fencing reserves the right to remove / trim plants in the direct fence line and will not be held responsible for such actions or subsequent damages.

Clearing of fence line, demolishing of existing fence, removal, and disposal thereof as well as additional labor & transport cost for this work will be for the client's account.

The client will have no claims against Value Fencing concerning any existing / old / previous fencing or gates whatsoever removed / damaged or discarded.

Value Fencing takes no responsibility for:

A: The structural integrity of the sub-base / sub-structure installed on and will not be liable for any future claims as a result of failure thereof during or after installation,

B: Damages caused by movement / sagging of soil installed on for any reason whatsoever,

C: Any existing posts, columns, walls, fences etc. ending next to or joining up with our installation that is skew, not level or straight, or the quality thereof,

D: Third party or wind damage / tampering / pushing / shaking of installed material / posts / usage of gates before concrete has set. E: Any claim legal or not arising from Balustrade, Pool fence or gates installed not in compliance of the National Building Regulations and / or SANS Regulation and / or Municipal Bye Laws due to Client's specific instruction to install said product in non-compliant manner, Eg: Balustrade lower than 1m high, Pool fence lower than 1,2m high. (PS Our Standard Installation is fully compliment).

Value Fencing will not be held liable for any damages or losses incurred as result of damaged tiles, flooring, carpets, paving, plaster, concrete, columns, bricks, pipes, cables, or channeling whilst digging /drilling holes or any other reason during installation.

Stand time: Client is responsible for:

A. Any / all costs such as: Rate per hour for crew, additional transport costs, incurred as a result of preparations not done / site not ready for installation / no access / no electricity at time arranged for installation.

B. Other contractors on site / client / tenants / animals or any person other than Value Fencing's staff, delaying / refusing workers to commence work,

C. Damage to materials, installed or not by any means and / or anyone using gates, handling or shaking fence or posts when concrete has not set.

D. Any & all costs of damages such as scratches, skew or loose posts due to any person other than Value Fencing's staff / installers will be to the client's account.

PS: Please do NOT use any gates or touch / handle or shake any posts within 5 days of installation to allow concrete filling to properly set. Repair to such damage will be for Client's account.

Gate automation, sensors, mag/slam locks, access control, handles, hooks & special accessories not stated in Quotation are excluded. Such additions are to the client's account.

Client is responsible to arrange an electrician at client's expense to supply 220V AC power point to the point where gate motor / access control unit is to be installed.

Gate Accessories such as hinges & latches etc other than Value Fencing's standard ones required by client is to be communicated to us in writing or via e-mail (confirmed by Value Fencing management) prior to the preparation of materials / gates, as construction & size may vary resulting in such accessories not being suitable for mounting on standard built gates and / or gate having to be re-built at Client's expense as completed gate sizes cannot be altered.

Levelling of all areas / driveways to be done by client prior to installation unless otherwise stated on this quotation.

Any part of installation requested by the client, his representative on site / builders / contractors on site to be left open / uncompleted, may not affect the full outstanding amount payable with the balance of work completed. Value Fencing will not be bound by any retention of any sort due to such or any other hold ups.

Final payment may not be held back due to any above-mentioned issues or additional work with FULL balance due on completion date.

Although Value Fencing do our utmost possible best to source only the best accessories available in our Country, we can NOT guarantee any accessories against rust, failing, etc. Where available the manufacturer's / supplier's guarantee will be in effect & all such claims will be directly with them, not with Value Fencing. All stainless-steel accessories should be regularly oiled to prevent surface rust & long-term damage. Any materials, labor, transport and/or consumables for such repairs / claims will be to the client's account.

Clients are welcome to source their own accessories to use & supply to Value Fencing on date of order /confirmation, advising Value Fencing in writing / via e mail of such intentions before materials / gates are prepared. PS: Some accessories may not be suitable for our products & cannot be used.

Value Fencing will not be held responsible for any loss / damages / security issues as result of incomplete or removed fences / gates or parts thereof for any reason whatsoever.

Although Value Fencing will always do our best to reset paving or flagstones, we are not professionals in the paving industry and might not be able to do a paving reset job as well as the professionals in the field. The Client should kindly arrange his or her own paving contractors for his / her own account should they not feel Value Fencing will do a professional job in resetting pavers. Value Fencing therefore takes no responsibility for paving reset jobs that are not satisfactory and will not be held liable for any associated costs to remedy such.

Gate bottom rails & fence bottom rails will not line up, as gate needs to be shorter to be able to open without getting stuck.

All goods described herein remain the property of Value Fencing until paid in full.

Nonpayment will result in repossession with labor, transport, re-installation fees & associated costs to the customer\'s account. Interest at current bank rates will be charged on any / all overdue amounts. The client's ITC profile will be updated accordingly.

The client will allow Value Fencing & its staff full access to the property at any given time until such date that the total due amount is paid in full.

Value Fencing reserves the right to dispose of removed fencing, gates &/or accessories by any means management sees fit, unless clear instruction is given in writing on how these removed items are to be handled or discarded. Our client will have no claims against Value Fencing on any such items discarded in any way.

The client agrees to an ITC online credit check being done on the Company and / or himself personally via Accountability, on behalf of Value Fencing.

The Client agrees that his personal / work / business details including Name, Surname, Phone numbers, e-mail & physical home and address may be kept on record for a reasonable period of time in order to conduct business and for future reference, snags, repairs or additional work.

Value Fencing refute any nomination as a Sub-contractor and insist on being appointed as a Supplier. Value Fencing will not be bound by any JBCC Agreement or retentions.

GUARANTEE INFO: Only PVC material is covered as set out in our guarantee document available on our website. Click Here

Our Guarantee will only be deemed effective after full & final payment was made, after which a guarantee document will be issued on request.

*For safe cleaning use ONLY Kleen Green or a little Domestos diluted in water, or for stubborn stains or small scratches a 1200 Gritt sandpaper can be used with P-11 Polish available from Autozone or any Automotive Paint Shop. If uncertain, kindly contact Value Fencing for a list of safe products to be used. DO NOT USE household detergents for cleaning your PVC products.